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Klingon with Chocolate Muffin (Walt Stevens)Klingon with Chocolate Muffin (Walt Stevens)
Con-Dor 5, Part 7 (Feb-1997)


Muffin and banana table. Also sourbobbles and...Muffin and banana table. Also sourbobbles and bobble gum. Colleen baked 240 mini banana muffins. (She used a Pillsbury brand mix.) One basket has nutless muffins, the other basket has muffins with nuts. The sign in front tells you which is which. We needed more wastebaskets than we had - so we had some brown paper bags deployed here and there as substitutes. The glass jar by the window, between the two baskets, says "Real Food Fund." We kept it inconspicuous, because we weren't actively soliciting donations. (If someone had wanted to donate money, they could have found the jar by hunting for it or asking.)
Con-Dor 8 (May-2000) part 17


Someone posing with a parasol, Muffin (Grace P.)...Muffin (Grace P.) in white.David M. and Muffin (Grace P.) in white.
SugoiCon 8 part 28: Saturday Evening (17-Nov-2007)