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My Little Pony collection (26-Jun-2005) Part 29

My Little Pony collection (26-Jun-2005) Part 33


'Moonstone.' Dusk was setting in, but Moonstone..."Moonstone." Dusk was setting in, but Moonstone was determined to keep searching for her special friend the rainbow. It was almost too dark to see the sky. "Maybe she's hiding under the magical waterfall," Moonstone thought to herself. Moonstone rubbed her unicorn in the moss of an old stump and in a twinkling, arrived at the base of the Waterfall. Gazing into the pond, she saw a glint of light. Looking closer, Moonstone saw beautiful colors shimmering on the water. "I've found one!" she cried excitedly, tossing her head into the air. Many different colors came shooting out of her rainbow mane and tail like fireworks. Moonstone galloped along the water's edge watching the beautiful colors dance in the moonlit pond. She was so excited she woke up Sunshine to show her. Sunshine only smiled because she knew that this time the rainbow was only a reflection on Moonstone's beautiful rainbow-colored hair.
My Little Pony backcard stories part 1: Year Two (16-Oct-2012)