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Cathie McCormick, Mitch Bentley, May Wasserman....Cathie McCormick, Mitch Bentley, May Wasserman. Suggested caption: "Can I have a bite?"
ConQuest 33, Kansas City, Part 4 - Friday Night (24-May-2002)


Mitch Bentley.Mitch Bentley.
Balticon 37 part 10: Friday (23-May-2003)


Dee's Funeral part 4: Reception (13-Mar-2004)

Dee's Funeral part 8: Reception (13-Mar-2004)

Mitch Bentley with 'Stitch' talking to Jim...Mitch Bentley with "Stitch" talking to Jim Satterfield.
Dee's Funeral part 10: Wake (13-Mar-2004)

Mitch Bentley holding 'Stitch' and Cathie...Mitch Bentley holding 'Stitch' and Cathie McCormick holding 'Roadkill'.
Dee's Funeral part 11: Wake (13-Mar-2004)


Artist Mitch Bentley.Artist Mitch Bentley.
ConQuesT 36 part 4: Friday (27-May-2005)

Mitch Bentley.Mitch Bentley.
ConQuesT 36 part 30: Sunday (29-May-2005)