Rev. 09-Mar-2009


ConDor 12 part 9: Saturday (26-Mar-2005)

Christine Hay seated, Alexia Hungerford, Mike...Christine Hay seated, Alexia Hungerford, Mike Hungerford and Alain Hungerford.
San Diego Fandom Polar Den Party (22-Oct-2005) Part 3


Alain Hungerford foreground left, Alexia...Alain Hungerford foreground left, Alexia Hungerford standing, Darrel L. Exline and Mike Hungerford (obscured).
ConDor 13 part 13: Sunday (05-Mar-2006)

Regina Reynante and Mike Hungerford.Regina Reynante and Mike Hungerford.
Conjecture 5 part 22: Saturday Evening (30-Sep-2006)


Art Show panels, and Mike Hungerford.Mike Hungerford and Anastasia Hunter.
ConDor 15 part 10: Saturday Afternoon (01-Mar-2008)

Mike Hungerford.Mike Hungerford.
ConDor 15 part 11: Saturday Afternoon (01-Mar-2008)


Mike Hungerford.Mike Hungerford.
ConDor part 24: Sunday (01-Mar-2009)