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Barbara Newton and Maryann Canfield playing...Barbara Newton and Maryann Canfield playing Seafarers of Catan.
LASFS Part 144 - Friday Night Games (30-Nov-2001)


Maryann Canfield.Maryann Canfield.
Loscon 30 Part 121: Saturday Late Night (29/30-Nov-2003)


Maryann Canfield and Brian Gitt.Maryann Canfield and Brian Gitt.
Pearl's Birthday Party (19-May-2006) Part 2


Phil Castora, with watch cap and blue jacket, with...Phil Castora, with watch cap and blue jacket, with Hare Hobbs in green jacket, and Doug Crepeau next to Hare Hobbs. Matthew B. Tepper on couch, unknown person, Marcia Minsky, Joe Zeff, Len Moffatt and June Moffatt. Unknown, Fuzzy Niven and Larry Niven, Maryann Canfield, and Karen Anderson. Behind Maryann is Fred Lazzelle, and everybody else is unknown.
LASFS part 273: Meeting and aftermeeting at Coral (04-Jan-2007)

Maryann Canfield.Maryann Canfield.
ConDor 14 part 2: Saturday (03-Mar-2007)


Regina Reynante, Edward Hooper and Maryann...Regina Reynante, Edward Hooper and Maryann Canfield.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 425: Coral Cafe (14-Apr-2011)