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Marty Cantor, John HertzMarty Cantor, John Hertz
Gary Louie's Memorial Service, Part 3 (Feb-1999)


Marty Cantor.Marty Cantor.
LASFS Part 39, Second Sunday (12-Mar-2000)

Bob Null confers with Marty Cantor, while Michael...Michael Thorsen is still lurking behind Marty...
LASFS Part 55 (04-May-2000)


Marty Cantor, Larry Niven.Marty Cantor, Larry Niven.
LASFS Part 100 (29-Mar-2001)

Marty Cantor.Marty Cantor.
LASFS Part 104 (29-Mar-2001)

LASFS Part 122: Portrait Night (21-Jun-2001)


Marty Cantor.Marty Cantor.
Loscon 29 Part 10: Friday (29-Nov-2002)


Noreascon 4, Part 7: Thursday afternoon/evening (02-Sep-2004)

Marty Cantor with umbrella, Christian B. McGuire...Marty Cantor with umbrella, Christian B. McGuire in hat behind Marty. Greg Barrett in front, someone and Greg Bilan and Michael Mason (obscuring someone else). Edward Hooper in green, man in yellow sunglasses, Craig Miller, Genny Dazzo. Someone and someone els ein back, John De Chancie behind Hare Hobbs. Someone else upper right, two arms at right.
LASFS Part 219: Group Portrait (17-Oct-2004)


Michael Mason's Memorial Service at LASFS (23-Jan-2005) Part 11

LASFS Meetings and Aftermeetings Part 231 (13-Feb-2005)

Corflu 22 part 10: Saturday (26-Feb-2005)

Corflu 22 part 13: Saturday (26-Feb-2005)

Corflu 22 part 15: Saturday (26-Feb-2005)

Corflu 22 part 22: Sunday (27-Feb-2005)


Marty Cantor and Mike 'Tiny' Korp.Marty Cantor and Mike "Tiny" Korp.
Pearl's Birthday Party (19-May-2006) Part 1

Marty Cantor.Marty Cantor.
Richard and Wolf's 100th Birthday Party (14-Oct-2006) Part 4


Marty Cantor.Marty Cantor.
LASFS meetings part 350: Voting for Club President (11-Jun-2009)

Marty Cantor and Sandy Cohen.Marty Cantor and Sandy Cohen.
LASFS meetings part 351: Voting for Club President (11-Jun-2009)


Marty Cantor.Marty Cantor.
LASFS Meetings part 441: New Building (01-Sep-2011)

Marty Cantor.Marty Cantor.
LASFS Meetings part 447 (13-Oct-2011)