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Marjolijn Bekken, Keith Thompson (with...Marjolijn Bekken, Keith Thompson (with viking/propellor helmet and sheep ears) as the "Ventricle of Delphi," Cathy Mullican, Christine Needham in background, David W. Scraggs (as Leto Dragonetti, Centauri) foreground right.
Loscon 26 part 21, Saturday Night (27-Nov-1999)


'Chris Kahn' (as played by the Amazing Holly)..."Chris Kahn" (as played by the Amazing Holly) dancing with Marjolijn Bekken. The Regency Dance was playing swing music when we stopped in.
Con-Dor 8 (May-2000) part 3


Christine Hay (nee Christine Needham) is at the...Christine Hay (nee Christine Needham) is at the left edge, obscured, behind Janis. Janis Olson (standing) stops to talk to Pat Larson (sitting). Pat's husband Eric is behind her. Marjolijn Bekken is in the doorway to the ConJecture party.
Loscon 28 Part 5, Friday (23-Nov-2001)


Audience. Marjolijn Bekken in long sleeves,...Audience. Marjolijn Bekken in long sleeves, Jennifer Kennard (nee Jennifer Nissen) in blue, Pearl Stickler with hat, and various others.
Conjecture 5 part 14: Saturday Evening (30-Sep-2006)


Marjolijn Bekken.Marjolijn Bekken.
ConDor 15 part 28: Saturday Night (01-Mar-2008)