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Margaret Austin in the foreground left, and Pete...Margaret Austin on the left, Mike Abbott with...
Vincent's Picture Gallery: Plokta.Con 2: Saturday (01-Jun-2002) Part 1

Martin Easterbrook, Margaret Austin.Martin Easterbrook, Margaret Austin.
Smofcon 20: Smof Diego Part 8 - Saturday Morning (07-Dec-2002)

KIM Campbell, Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook.KIM Campbell, Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook.
Smofcon 20: Smof Diego Part 16 - Saturday Evening (07-Dec-2002)


Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook.Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook.
Smofcon 21 Part 18: Saturday (06-Dec-2003)

Smofcon 21 Part 20: Saturday (06-Dec-2003)


Margaret Austin, Martin EasterbrookMargaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook
Noreascon 4, Part 4: Wednesday (01-Sep-2004)

Noreascon 4, Part 24: Saturday Evening (04-Sep-2004)


Photographers included John Sapienza, Margaret...Photographers included John Sapienza, Margaret Austin, and Allan MacBain.
UK 2005 Trip, part 104: Sunday Morning (07-Aug-2005)


Margaret Austin and her husband Martin...Martin Easterbrook and his wife Margaret Austin...Martin Easterbrook and his wife Margaret Austin...
Renovation (2011 Worldcon) part 8: Tuesday (16-Aug-2011)

Margaret Austin and Martin Easterbrook, newlyweds.Margaret Austin and Martin Easterbrook, newlyweds.
Renovation (2011 Worldcon) part 12: Wednesday (17-Aug-2011)