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Windycon 26 Part #3: Thursday, 11-Nov-1999

Barry Lyn-Waitsman, Marcy Lyn-Waitsman.Barry Lyn-Waitsman, Marcy Lyn-Waitsman.
Windycon 26 Part #27: Saturday, 13-Nov-1999: Meet the FGOH Party


Bob Blackwood in a black shirt, Marcy Lyn-Waitsman...Bob Blackwood in a black shirt, Marcy Lyn-Waitsman in the background, Bill Krucek in a red shirt.
Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (15-Jul-2000) Part 6


Marcy Lyn-Waitsman and her daughter Shaina...Marcy Lyn-Waitsman and her daughter Shaina Lyn-Waitsman.
Windycon 29 Part 3: Friday Afternoon (08-Nov-2002)


Marcy Lyn-Waitsman.Marcy Lyn-Waitsman.
Torcon 3 part 10: Thursday (28-Aug-2003)

Marcy Lyn-Waitsman, Barry Lyn-Waitsman.Marcy Lyn-Waitsman, Barry Lyn-Waitsman.
Windycon 30 Part 5: Friday Afternoon (07-Nov-2003)