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Marc Schirmeister.Marc Schirmeister.
LASFS Part 162 (11-Apr-2002)


Len Moffatt and June Moffatt (looking away); Fuzzy...Len Moffatt and June Moffatt (looking away); Fuzzy Niven, Larry Niven, someone, Karen Anderson, Rob Powell (Gizmo), and Edward Hooper; Fred Lazzelle in yellow laughing, various, Jerry Pournelle in yellow shirt, Scratch Galloway with full beard, and Marc Schirmeister.
LASFS part 273: Meeting and aftermeeting at Coral (04-Jan-2007)


Warren 'Whisky' Johnson and Marc Schirmeister.Warren "Whisky" Johnson and Marc Schirmeister.
LASFS meetings part 348: Voting for Club President (11-Jun-2009)