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Westercon 54, Portland Part 1: Thursday (05-Jul-2001)

Westercon 54, Portland Part 5: Thursday Evening (05-Jul-2001)

Amy Hanson in white, talking to Cynthia Gonsalves...Amy Hanson in white, talking to Cynthia Gonsalves in black shirt. Linda Deneroff at the Foolscap table in the background.
Westercon 54, Portland Part 11: Friday (06-Jul-2001)


Linda Deneroff at Seattle table.Linda Deneroff at Seattle table.
Torcon 3 part 47: Saturday (30-Aug-2003)

Linda Deneroff.Linda Deneroff.
Torcon 3 part 59: Sunday Evening (31-Aug-2003)


Noreascon 4, Part 18: Saturday (04-Sep-2004)


Linda Deneroff.Linda Deneroff.
UK 2005 Trip, part 58: Friday at Interaction (05-Aug-2005)


Linda Deneroff.Linda Deneroff.
L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon) part 44: Sunday Evening (27-Aug-2006)


Westercon Business Meeting, applauding Chaz's...Westercon Business Meeting, applauding Chaz's selecting as Fan Guest of Honor for Westercon 65: ConClusion. At head table, Bobbie Du Fault (Chair of Westercon 65), Kevin Standlee (Business Meeting Chair) and Linda Deneroff (Business Meeting Secretary).
Westercon 63 part 4: Saturday (03-Jul-2010)


Linda Deneroff.Linda Deneroff.
Westercon 65 part 14: Thursday Night Taco Party (05-Jul-2012)