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Coppercon 21 Part 3: Friday (07-Sep-2001)

Loscon 28 Part 12, Saturday (24-Nov-2001)

Tom Veal in blue, Lee Whiteside sitting down in...Tom Veal in blue, Lee Whiteside sitting down in back, Edward Hooper on floor, emily Christensen in chair waving her hand, various others. Mike W. behind tv, John W. foreground right.
Jerry's Picture Gallery: Loscon 28 Part 61: Saturday Night Parties (24-Nov-2001)


Lee Whiteside.Lee Whiteside.
Westercon 55: Conagerie, Part 2 - Wednesday (03-Jul-2002)

Lynn Baden, Emily Christensen, and Lee Whiteside...Lynn Baden, Emily Christensen, and Lee Whiteside on the couch.
Shawn's Picture Gallery: Westercon 55: Conagerie, Part 20 - Saturday Party (06-Jul-2002)


Lee Whiteside.Lee Whiteside.
ConDor 10, Part 3: Friday night, after midnight (01-Mar-2003)

Loscon 30 Part 24: Friday Morning (28-Nov-2003)

Loscon 30 Part 109: Saturday Evening (29-Nov-2003)

Steffnee's Picture Gallery: Loscon 30 Part 133: Saturday Late Night (29/30-Nov-2003)


Cathy Hunt, Lee Whiteside in backgroundCathy Hunt, Lee Whiteside in background
Con-Dor 11 Part 10: Sunday (29-Feb-2004)

Coppercon 24, Part 1: Saturday (11-Sep-2004)

Coppercon 24, Part 2: Saturday (11-Sep-2004)

Nadine Armstrong and Lee Whiteside.Nadine Armstrong and Lee Whiteside.
Coppercon 24, Part 5: Saturday (11-Sep-2004)


Lee Whiteside.Lee Whiteside.
CascadiaCon (2005 NASFiC) part 4: Arriving and Set-up on Wednesday (31-Aug-2005)

Lee Whiteside. Gave him 'Browncoat' ribbons.Lee Whiteside. Gave him "Browncoat" ribbons.
CascadiaCon (2005 NASFiC) part 9: Thursday, Day 1 (01-Sep-2005)


Lee Whiteside.Lee Whiteside.
ConDor 13 part 3: Friday evening (03-Mar-2006)


Lee Whiteside.Lee Whiteside.
Gallifrey 2009 part 6: Anime Los Angeles Site Tour (17-Feb-2008)