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Crayolus Fairius (Skittle Fairies). Top row:...Crayolus Fairius (Skittle Fairies). Top row: Colleen Kelly Burks, Pearl Stickler, John Ruff; Mary Ann Meyers, Laurie MacDonald; bottom row: Beth Holley, Scott Sanders, Susan Ruff.
ConDor 6, Part 8 (Feb/Mar 1998)

Colleen Kelly Burks, Laurie MacDonald. [The yellow...Colleen Kelly Burks, Laurie MacDonald. [The yellow tag on Colleen's badge says "Laurie MacDonald Fan Club." By the end of the convention there was even a Klingon chapter of the Laurie MacDonald Fan Club.]
ConDor 6, Part 9 (Feb/Mar 1998)


Mary Q. Smith, Laurie MacDonald.Mary Q. Smith, Laurie MacDonald.
ConDor 8 (May-2000) part 13


Laurie MacDonald.Laurie MacDonald.
ConDor 12 part 4: Friday (25-Mar-2005)


Val at left; Laurie MacDonald gives Ron Ontell a...Val at left; Laurie MacDonald gives Ron Ontell a haircut.
ConDor 13 part 6: Saturday (04-Mar-2006)


Laurie MacDonald.Laurie MacDonald.
ConDor 15 part 30: Sunday (02-Mar-2008)


David Harrison, Ray Craig, Laurie MacDonald, and...David Harrison, Ray Craig, Laurie MacDonald, and someone else.
ConDor 16 part 5: Friday Night (27-Feb-2009)

Laurie MacDonald.Jean Graham and Laurie MacDonald.
ConDor 16 part 7: Friday Night (27-Feb-2009)