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Kip McMurray.Kip McMurray.
ConQuesT 36 part 20: Saturday Late Night (29-May-2005)

Pat Taylor, Kip McMurray and Claire McMurray in...Pat Taylor, Kip McMurray and Claire McMurray in front, Kathleen Enfranca, Lynn Stranathan, Julia Mandala and Linda Donahue in back.
ConQuesT 36 part 27: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Claire McMurray in pink, Kip McMurray, Stephen...Someone in background (Flip?), Margene Bahm, Erik...Flip(?) in background left, Erik V. Olson, someone...
ConQuesT 36 part 31: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Kip McMurray (obscured) and Chaz Boston Baden.Kip McMurray (obscured) and Chaz Boston Baden.
ConQuesT 36 part 32: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Claire McMurray and Kip McMurray.Claire McMurray and Kip McMurray.
ConQuesT 36 part 33: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Kip McMurray & Claire McMurray in front with...Erik V. Olson, Charles Piehl, someone and Kip...
ConQuesT 36 part 34: Sunday (29-May-2005)