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Laura Korp, Skitlz (Kayla James), and somebody...Laura Korp, Skitlz (Kayla James), and somebody else on the couch.
Pearl's Birthday Party (19-May-2007) Part 2

Kayla James. I gave her the 'Gender Outlaw'...Kayla James and her badge ribbons from Baycon.
Anime Expo 2007 part 16: Sunday (01-Jul-2007)

Kayla James.Kayla James.
LASFS/AFtermeetings part 300: Coral Cafe (01-Nov-2007)

Kayla James.Someone, Caitlin Long and Kayla James.
Loscon 34 part 1: Friday Afternoon (23-Nov-2007)

Kayla James.Kayla James.
Loscon 34 part 25: Saturday Afternoon (24-Nov-2007)


Kayla James.Kayla James.
LosCon 35 part 12: Late Friday Night (29-Nov-2008)


Kayla James.Kayla James.
Loscon 36 part 15: Sunday (29-Nov-2009)


Kayla James and friend.Kayla James and friend.
Equestria LA part 11: Sunday (04-Nov-2012)