Rev. 04-Feb-2009


Jane Mailander models the silly lobster claws from...Jane Mailander models the silly lobster claws from the Totally Tasteless and Tacky Revue, as Kathleen Sloan, an Interfilk director in the hat with the eyes auctions them for charity. Broceliande is tuning up on stage behind them.
ConChord 15 (11-Aug-2001)


Con-Chord 17 Part 3, Saturday (03-Aug-2003)

Kathleen Sloan with rockingunicorn.Kathleen Sloan and Alex Borders.Alex Borders and Kathleen Sloan.Kathleen Sloan, Rod O'Riley.John Creasey, Kathleen Sloan.
Con-Chord 17 Part 4, Saturday (03-Aug-2003)

Mary Creasey, Kathleen Sloan.Daniel Glasser, Melissa Glasser, Kathleen Sloan.Daniel Glasser, Kathleen Sloan, and Melissa...
Con-Chord 17 Part 5, Saturday (03-Aug-2003)


Andrea Dale, Joey Shoji, Kathleen Sloan, and...Kathleen Sloan, somebody, and Andrea Dale.
Con-Chord 2007 part 4: Saturday (18-Aug-2007)


Kathleen Sloan in space shirt and Joey Shoji in...Jane Mailander and Kathleen Sloan in space shirt....Nick Smith, Carole Parker in yellow, Bill...Nick Smith, Michelle Pincus, Carole Parker in...
Consonance 2008 part 1: Friday (07-Mar-2008)