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John Ross, Andy Green.John Ross, Andy Green.
LibertyCon 16/DeepSouthCon 41 Part 17, Sunday Evening (27-Jul-2003)


Someone in sleeveless black dress, girl with...Someone in sleeveless black dress, girl with striped socks, guy with red scarf, Richard Diaz with furry vest, sunglasses, and striped sleeves, somebody else talking to someone else in red. Eris Young with hands on hips behind a guy on the ground in parka. Desmond X in suit with bullhorn announcing Dating Game, Mariah Wallace (Kiyumi) in the cloak with red clouds and somebody in the background, and John Ross with weapon over his shoulder wearing glasses at right.
Cosplay Picnic in El Monte, at Whittier Narrows (09-Feb-2008) Part 5