Rev. 10-Jul-2013


'Bring out your dead!' The skeletons are on the..."Bring out your dead!" The skeletons are on the bell cart. Joe Price is holding the bell cart, someone with his back to the camera with blue hair, and Robin H. Dial at the car door. The skeletons are props from the House Harkonnen saturday night party, with the purple fish tank drink.
Baycon 2001, Part 8 (28-May-2001)


Joe Price and Leigh Ann Hildebrand.Joe Price and Leigh Ann Hildebrand.
Westercon 66 part 8: Late Friday Night (06-Jul-2013)

Joe Price.Joe Price.
Westercon 66 part 11: Saturday Evening (06-Jul-2013)

Joe Price, Leigh Ann Hildebrand and someone.Joe Price, Leigh Ann Hildebrand and someone.
Westercon 66 part 12: Late Saturday Night (07-Jul-2013)