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LASFS, Part 2 (Mar/Dec-1999)
LASFS aftermeeting, Part 7 (Mar/Dec-1999)
LASFS aftermeeting, Part 8 (Dec-1999)
LASFS aftermeeting, Part 9 (Dec-1999)
LASFS aftermeeting, Part 10 (Dec-1999)
LASFS aftermeeting, Part 11 (Dec-1999)
LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 12 (23-Dec-1999)
Frank Waller on the left of the front row at the...Steffnee Peterman on the left end of the row,...
LASFS Part 14 (Dec-1999)
LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 16 (30-Dec-1999)
LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 18 (30-Dec-1999)


LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 28, Coral Cafe (27-Jan-2000)
LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 29, Coral Cafe (27-Jan-2000)
LASFS and Aftermeeting Part 24 (13-Jan-2000)
LASFS Aftermeeting Part 25 (13-Jan-2000)
LASFS Aftermeeting Part 21 (06-Jan-2000)
Jim Terry and Selina Phanara comparing eclair- and...Jim Terry and Selina Phanara comparing eclair- and...
LASFS Aftermeeting Part 23 (06-Jan-2000)
LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 30, Solley's (10-Feb-2000)
LASFS Aftermeeting, part #37, Solley's (24-Feb-2000)
LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 40, Solley's (23-Mar-2000)
Partysaurus (Feb-2000) part 1


Someone in a t-shirt, Jim Terry, and Dan Murphy as...Someone in a t-shirt, Jim Terry, and Dan Murphy as The Seventh Doctor playing his umbrella on stage.
Gallifrey 12 Part 11: Dance All Night (25-Feb-2001)


Jim Terry.Jim Terry.
Loscon 34 part 49: Sunday Afternoon (25-Nov-2007)


Jim Terry.Jim Terry.Jim Terry.
Gallifrey 2009 part 10: Friday Afternoon (13-Feb-2009)
German Gonzalez and Jim Terry.German Gonzalez and Jim Terry.
Gallifrey 2009 part 50: Saturday Evening (14-Feb-2009)


Matthew B. Tepper, Jim Terry.Matthew B. Tepper, Jim Terry.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 413: Coral Cafe (31-Dec-2010)