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Jim McLelland, Colleen Renton McLelland. Another...Jim McLelland, Colleen Renton McLelland. Another married pair of CMHS '81 students. Jim's bio says: "After graduation, there was Golden West and OCC, sales jobs, DJing on the radio and at various topless bars in OC (The Mustang and Paddy Murphy's). That life eventually proved unfulfilling so I became a certified hypno-therapist and got married to my high school sweetheart, you may remember her as Colleen Renton. We had remained close all along, but we truly reconnected at the 10 year reunion. We were married and escaped from behind the Orange Curtain 9 years ago by moving to the SF Bay area. Using the visualization tools I had acquired in my hypno-therapy training, I became the #1 salesperson in the coutry for TCI cable. Currently I am teaching Parolees life skills such as stress/anger management, communication and relationship skills and have never been happier. We bought a beautiful old house 3 years ago (great timing), have 2 dogs, 4 fish and no kids (should the desire to have kids arise we have agreed to try a chimp first). At this time, our life consists of enjoying each other, enjoying our friends, fulfilling life long ambitions such as our recent vacation to Amsterdam and personal growth. Colleen and I are very much looking forward to attending the upcoming reunion."
CMHS Class of 1981 - 20-Year Reunion (21-Jul-2001) Part 10

CMHS Class of 1981 Reunion Picnic (22-Jul-2001) Part 12