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Donald Eastlake III and Jill Eastlake.Donald Eastlake III and Jill Eastlake.
Boskone 39 Part 15 - Sunday (17-Feb-2002)


Jill Eastlake backstage left at the Interaction...Jill Eastlake backstage left at the Interaction Hugo Awards ceremony. Jill, who was in communication with the tech director, gave people their cues to go on stage.
UK 2005 Trip, part 131: Sunday Evening, During the Hugo Awards (07-Aug-2005)


Tom Veal coming out of the Chicago in 2008 party....Jill Eastlake at Chicago in 2008 party. Donald...
Capricon 26 part 19: Saturday (11-Feb-2006)

Jill Eastlake and John Sapienza.Jill Eastlake and John Sapienza.
Conzilla (Westercon 59 in San Diego), part 11: Sunday (02-Jul-2006)


Jill Eastlake.Jill Eastlake.
Renovation (2011 Worldcon) part 23: Friday (19-Aug-2011)