Rev. 30-Sep-2014


Jesi Pershing, at the Helsinki in 2017 party.Crystal Huff and Jesi Pershing, at the Helsinki in...Jesi Pershing and Adam Beaton, at the Helsinki in...
Detcon1 (2014 NASFIC) part 2: Helsinki in 2017 Party (16-Jul-2014)

Jesi Pershing, at the Boston in 2020 Christmas...Jesi Pershing, at the Boston in 2020 Christmas Worldcon Bid Party.
Detcon1 (2014 NASFIC) part 5: Thursday Evening (17-Jul-2014)

Various fans playing 'Cards Against...Various fans playing "Cards Against Humanity/Fandom" in the Dead Dog Party. Left to right: Michael Sprague at left in glasses, Pablo Vazquez behind the guy in the green shirt, GoH Bernadette Bosky with red hair in foreground, Seth Breidbart in the back, somebody in a dress, Leane Verhulst, Mark Oshiro (bald guy) in foreground, Megan Frank in blue in background, Tammy Coxen dozing in front of James Bacon in red, Jesi Pershing with purple hair, someone else and David Gallaher in dark blue shirt.
Detcon1 (2014 NASFIC) part 16: Dead Dog Party (21-Jul-2014)