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Alan Lutton and Jennifer Nissen, with Corby...Alan Lutton and Jennifer Nissen, with Corby Kennard in background.
ConDor part 3: Friday (25-Mar-2005)

ConDor part 8: Saturday (26-Mar-2005)

Jennifer Nissen.Jennifer Nissen.
Conjecture 4 part 9: Saturday (08-Oct-2005)


Jennifer Nissen has two perfect pretzels.Jennifer Nissen has two perfect pretzels.
ConDor 13 part 12: Saturday Evening (04-Mar-2006)

Jennifer Nissen.Jennifer Nissen.
Conzilla (Westercon 59 in San Diego), part 21: Monday Evening (03-Jul-2006)

Audience. Marjolijn Bekken in long sleeves,...Audience. Marjolijn Bekken in long sleeves, Jennifer Kennard (nee Jennifer Nissen) in blue, Pearl Stickler with hat, and various others.
Conjecture 5 part 14: Saturday Evening (30-Sep-2006)

Jennifer Kennard (nee Jennifer Nissen).Jennifer Kennard (nee Jennifer Nissen).
Conjecture 5 part 27: Sunday Afternoon (01-Oct-2006)


Christine Hay, Jennifer Nissen, Michael Thomas.Jennifer Nissen, now known as Jennifer...
ConDor 14 part 2: Saturday (03-Mar-2007)

Jim D., Jennifer Nissen, and Sandra Childress.Jim D., Jennifer Nissen, and Sandra Childress.
Conjecture 6 part 8: Friday (28-Sep-2007)