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Arlene Satin, Jason Nishi, someone, and Sandahl...Arlene Satin, Jason Nishi, someone, and Sandahl von Sydow.
Anime Los Angeles Summer Picnic (10-Jul-2005) Part 3

Jason Nishi taking a picture.Jason Nishi taking a picture.
Akibiyori Anime Picnic (05-Nov-2005) Part 2

Jason Nishi is taking a picture of the pavilion.Jason Nishi and Ben Peebles.
Akibiyori Anime Picnic (05-Nov-2005) Part 3

Someone at left with one knee up, Jason Nishi...Somebody dressed as 'Link,' Caroline Smeby in...
Akibiyori Anime Picnic (05-Nov-2005) Part 9


Jason Nishi.Jason Nishi.
Pacific Media Expo 4 part 6: Saturday (10-Nov-2007)


Someone, Jason Nishi, and someone else.Someone, Jason Nishi, and someone else.
Newport Beach Ice Cream Social at Crystal Cove (08-Aug-2009) Part 5