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Inger Myers.Inger Myers.
ConQuest 33, Kansas City, Part 9 - Saturday Night (25-May-2002)

Inger Myers, Ted Poovey.Inger Myers, Ted Poovey.
Windycon 29 Part 10: Friday Night Parties (08-Nov-2002)


Inger Myers.Inger Myers.
Torcon 3 part 60: Sunday Evening (31-Aug-2003)

Inger Myers.Inger Myers.
Smofcon 21 Part 13: Friday Night (05-Dec-2003)

Inger Myers, Mark Herrup.Inger Myers, Mark Herrup.
Smofcon 21 Part 19: Saturday (06-Dec-2003)

Inger Myers and her cookies.Inger Myers and her cookies.
Smofcon 21 Part 21: Saturday (06-Dec-2003)

Smofcon 21 Part 27: Sunday (07-Dec-2003)


Dee's Funeral part 1: Service (13-Mar-2004)

Dee's Funeral part 9: Reception (13-Mar-2004)

Dee's Funeral part 11: Wake (13-Mar-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 9: Saturday Afternoon/Evening (01-May-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 14: Saturday Evening (01-May-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 16: Saturday Late Night (02-May-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 18: Saturday Late Night (02-May-2004)

Noreascon 4, Part 19: Saturday (04-Sep-2004)

Inger MyersInger Myers
Noreascon 4, Part 41: Late Sunday Night (06-Sep-2004)


Inger Myers.Inger Myers.
ConQuesT 36 part 2: Friday (27-May-2005)

Inger Myers offering up her goodies - her...Inger Myers and her Inger Cookies.Inger Myers and Les Roth (fgoh).
ConQuesT 36 part 8: Friday (27-May-2005)

UK 2005 Trip, part 66: Friday Parties (05-Aug-2005)

UK 2005 Trip, part 68: Friday Parties (05-Aug-2005)

Inger Myers holding a small child.Inger Myers holding a small child.
ConQuesT 36 part 38: Monday Move-Out (30-May-2005)


Sandra Childress and Inger Myers.Sandra Childress and Inger Myers.
L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon) part 18: Thursday Evening (24-Aug-2006)

Inger Myers of 'Inger Cookie' fame.Inger Myers of "Inger Cookie" fame.
Smofcon 24 part 17: Saturday (02-Dec-2006)

David Evans and Inger Myers.David Evans and Inger Myers.
Smofcon 24 part 20: Late Saturday Night (03-Dec-2006)