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Graffiti Wall at Orlando in 2001 bid party....Graffiti Wall at Orlando in 2001 bid party. Godzilla [drawn by Bob Eggleton]. Balloon: roughly, "Hey, they have two legs!" Caption: "Thighs do matter" (in praise of classic Godzilla).
Bucconeer, Part 6 (Aug-1998)


Jennifer Pasqualetto is holding Darwin Stanley...Jennifer Pasqualetto is holding Darwin Stanley Pluta as Susan Pasqualetto (Jennifer's Daughter) and Lynn Baden watch. Apparently before we arrived, Jennifer Pasqualetto and Susan Pasqualetto were building towers, and Darwin as "Baby Godzilla" was knocking down.
Darwin's First Birthday, Part 1 (Dec-1999)


Godzilla vs. Solley's.Godzilla vs. Solley's.
Solley's part 49 (20-Apr-2000)


Mothra and Godzilla in terrariumMothra and Godzilla in terrarium
Armadillocon 26 Part 3: Thursday (12-Aug-2004)

Noreascon 4, Part 21: Saturday (04-Sep-2004)


Godzilla and other decorations.Godzilla and other decorations.
UK 2005 Trip, part 62: Friday Parties (05-Aug-2005)


Plush Godzilla (the grey one) and Ghidorah (the...Plush Godzilla (the grey one) and Ghidorah (the gold one with three heads), guarding the entrance to the Nippon '07 Party at WorldCon '06...
L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon) part 16: Thursday Evening (24-Aug-2006)


Line for boutique. Someone, someone in a Godzilla...Line for boutique. Someone, someone in a Godzilla suit, somebody in a pink outfit, somebody else in black, someone else with lots of curls (ringlets?), girl in red and white.
Pacific Media Expo 4 part 16: Sunday (11-Nov-2007)