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Pokemon Gijinka people on the hill. Jenna...Pokemon Gijinka people on the hill. Jenna (Vatisha) as "Cherrim" in pink at left on ground, Kristina Slay (Questionable Kristina) as Ivysaur in green standing, someone else as "Venusaur" in green standing, Lady Amaryllis in blue as "Gloom" with blue paint on grass, Maguma in white pants as a Pokemon Trainer, Anela Garcia in green dress as "Bellossom," Anton Heinz-Georg Torres as "Pikachu" in back row behind girl in yellow and white as Jolteon, Justin Daube with white mask and sunglasses as "Gengar," Tiffany (Neo_Serenity) in pink and white as "Clefairy," Caroline Smeby in red and orange as Moltres, Divine Sage in brown and yellow as Kadabra, Suzanne ("Sparkle Pipsi") as "Treecko" kneeling in green and pink, Misty (Midnight Mist) in orange and yellow as "Torchic," Nathan (Yeller Crakka) in brown as "Cubone" standing behind someone as "Meowth" in white on her knees, and girl as "Growlithe" in orange/tiger stripes.
Cosplay Picnic in Irvine (12-Apr-2008) Part 13