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George KrauseGeorge Krause
Windycon 26 Part #4: Friday, 12-Nov-1999


Alice Medenwald, George Krause (in profile), Allan...Alice Medenwald, George Krause (in profile), Allan Sperling in a blue plaid shirt, D'Andre Williams in a black cap, Henry Osier, Kathleen Meyer in blue (seated), Ben Liberman, Jane Haldeman in stripes (seated far right).
Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (15-Jul-2000) Part 5

Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (15-Jul-2000) Part 6


Windycon 29 Part 17: Saturday Evening (09-Nov-2002)


George Krause.George Krause.
Torcon 3 part 32: Friday (29-Aug-2003)

Dina Krause, George Krause.Dina Krause, George Krause.
Windycon 30 Part 8: Friday Night (07/08-Nov-2003)


George Krause, Dina KrauseGeorge Krause, Dina Krause
Demicon 15 Part 3: Saturday Afternoon (01-May-2004)

George Krause and a blue Cream Soda at Raccoon...George Krause and a blue Cream Soda at Raccoon River Brewing Company restaurant
Demicon 15 Part 9: Saturday Afternoon/Evening (01-May-2004)


Greg Ketter, George Krause, and Dina Krause.Greg Ketter from Dreamhaven Books(?), George...
Capricon 26 part 19: Saturday (11-Feb-2006)


Renovation (2011 Worldcon) part 29: Saturday (20-Aug-2011)