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Someone background left, man standing, woman...Guy's head foreground left, man in background...Steve Francis at left, Corlis Robe, Gary Robe,...
Vincent's Picture Gallery: DeepSouthCon 2001 Part 3 (May-2001)


Gary Robe.Gary Robe.
LibertyCon 16/DeepSouthCon 41 Part 6, Friday (25-Jul-2003)


Noreascon 4, Part 28: Late Saturday Night (04/05-Sep-2004)

Noreascon 4, Part 29: Late Saturday Night (04/05-Sep-2004)


Gary Robe, who has a crude video of Chaz's...Gary Robe, who has a crude video of Chaz's appearance on Scottish TV.
UK 2005 Trip, part 58: Friday at Interaction (05-Aug-2005)