Rev. 07-Feb-2009


Plume (Gary Rivers) at the Pre-Reg desk.Plume (Gary Rivers) at the Pre-Reg desk.
Windycon 29 Part 3: Friday Afternoon (08-Nov-2002)

Gary Rivers, Micheal Burch.Gary Rivers, Micheal Burch.
Windycon 29 Part 26: Sunday Dead Dogs (10-Nov-2002)


Gary Rivers setting up Pre-Reg.Gary Rivers setting up Pre-Reg.
Windycon 30 Part 3: Friday (07-Nov-2003)


Bridget seated at left, someone standing turning...Bridget seated at left, someone standing turning away, and Gary Rivers at right.
Capricon 26 part 4: Friday (10-Feb-2006)

Gary Rivers.Gary Rivers.
Capricon 26 part 24: Late Saturday Night (12-Feb-2006)