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Con-Dor 6, Part 5 (Feb/Mar 1998)


Somebody in a green shirt, Fred Patten, a 'Woman...Somebody in a green shirt, Fred Patten, a "Woman Scorned" in a black shirt; Chris Marble stirs the Liquid Nitrogren Ice Cream while his helper (whose name I didn't catch) assists with the Liquid Nitrogen.
Anastasia's Picture Gallery: Loscon 26 part 4, Friday Night (26-Nov-1999)

Fred Patten, Cathy Beckstead, Christian B....Fred Patten, Cathy Beckstead, Christian B. McGuire.
LASFS Part 13 (23-Dec-1999)

Front row: Barksdale Hales (turned away from us),...Front row: Barksdale Hales (turned away from us), Ed Austin with a bottle of water, Hare Hobbs all in green as usual, German Gonzalez (pronounced "Herman") in stripes, and the top of Fred Patten's head is visible behind German. (Also someone is standing at the far right edge of the picture.) Next row: Joe Zeff reading, Len Moffatt, June Moffatt, someone in a striped shirt, Anne Morrel, Bill Ellern. Third row: a string of empty chairs, and Sundance is sitting behind June by the pillar, and Michael Molisani in a vest on the other side of the pillar. Next row: Michael Weasner in a light-colored jacket, Dan Spisak leaning against the pillar. Back: John Blood, Diana Molisani, Steve Fox behind her, Arlene Satin (red hair).
LASFS Part 14 (Dec-1999)


Con-Dor 8 (May-2000) part 4

Fred Patten.Fred Patten.
Jerry's Picture Gallery: Loscon 27, Part 3: Friday (24-Nov-2000)

Fred Patten, Milt Stevens.Fred Patten, Milt Stevens, Larry Niven.
Jerry's Picture Gallery: Loscon 27, Part 4: Friday (24-Nov-2000)


Fred Patten in the APA-L room.Fred Patten in the APA-L room.
LASFS Part 106 (29-Mar-2001)

LASFS Part 132, Portraits (28-Jun-2001)

Westercon 54, Portland Part 19: Friday Evening (06-Jul-2001)

LASFS Part 93 (15-Feb-2001)


'L.A. in 2006' Worldcon bid party. Fred Patten at..."L.A. in 2006" Worldcon bid party. Fred Patten at left, Ed Green by table, Jim Briggs next to Ed, Ahmad Abdel-Hameed in the chair wearing a black shirt, Liz (obscured) behind him, Maria sitting on bed, Lynn Baden in red with apron.
ConDor 9 Part 1 - Friday (22-Feb-2002)

Fred Patten.Fred Patten.
LASFS Part 165 (11-Apr-2002)


Fred Patten.Fred Patten.
ConDor 10, Part 3: Friday night, after midnight (01-Mar-2003)

Fred Patten.Fred Patten.
Anime Expo 2003 Part 19: Friday (04-Jul-2003)

LASFS Part 200 (19-Jun-2003)

LASFS Part 202 (26-Jun-2023)

Torcon 3 part 10: Thursday (28-Aug-2003)


Fred PattenFred Patten
Anime Expo 2004 part 4: Saturday (03-Jul-2004)


LASFS Meetings and Aftermeetings Part 229 (03-Feb-2005)

LASFS Meetings and Aftermeetings Part 230 (03-Feb-2005)


Someone, Fred Patten, and someone else.Someone, Fred Patten, and someone else.
Loscon 34 part 3: Friday Afternoon (23-Nov-2007)

Fred Patten.Fred Patten.
Loscon 34 part 47: Sunday Morning (25-Nov-2007)