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Esther Friesner.Esther Friesner.
Boskone 39 Part 11 - Saturday Night (16-Feb-2002)


Conjecture 2013 and Dnita Addison. 'Why go to...

Conjecture 2013 and Dnita Addison.

"Why go to Conjecture 2012? Because this woman can swordfight, predict the future by hamster, and write like a mofo. A very, very funny mofo.

Esther Friesner is our Author Guest of Honor. She has written 40 novels and a blortload of short stories. Yes, this is the badass who edits the CHICKS IN CHAINMAIL anthology series, which never met an epic fantasy trope it didn't skewer, grill, and serve in a light sarcasm sauce.

Esther invented Cheeblemancy, the art of pronostication via hamster wheel. She is the sole practicioner of this arcane art. She is also the Queen of the SFWA Musketeers. She started her own sisterhood of awesome swordfighting authors because the Nija Pirate Ass-Kicking Academy wouldn't let her in. They were afraid of her.

Have you ever read a Friesner story and laughed so hard you peed yourself? Then buy your membership right now FOR ONLY $25. And don't forget to bring a change of underwear."

Conjecture 2012 part 2: Saturday (06-Oct-2012)


Someone, somebody, and Esther Friesner decorating...Esther Friesner.Esther Friesner.Esther Friesner.Esther Friesner.
Conjecture 12 part 5: Friday (18-Oct-2013)

Esther Friesner.Esther Friesner.
Conjecture 12 part 7: Saturday (19-Oct-2013)

Esther Friesner and Cathy Mullican (Menolly), at...Esther Friesner and Cathy Mullican (Menolly), at the conclusion of her reading. The t-shirt says "The Flying Hamster of DOOOM Rains Coconuts On Your Pitiful City."
Conjecture 12 part 11: Sunday (20-Oct-2013)