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Todd Dashoff, Elspeth Kovar.Todd Dashoff, Elspeth Kovar.
Vincent's Picture Gallery: Worldcon 2001: Millennium Philcon, Part 8 - Old Pharts Party (03-Sep-2001)


Elspeth Kovar.L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid party. Elspeth Kovar at...
Boskone 39 Part 7 - Friday Night (15-Feb-2002)


Elspeth Kovar.Elspeth Kovar.
Balticon 37 part 24: Saturday evening (24-May-2003)

Balticon 37 part 29: Sunday evening (25-May-2003)

Torcon 3 part 41: Friday Evening (29-Aug-2003)

Torcon 3 part 55: Saturday late night (31-Aug-2003)


Elspeth Kovar.Elspeth Kovar.
UK 2005 Trip, part 37: Thursday at Interaction (04-Aug-2005)


Elspeth Kovar and Lynn Gold.Martin Hoare, Donna Cunningham in coral pink...Martin Hoare, Donna Cunningham in coral pink...
L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon) part 19: Thursday Evening (24-Aug-2006)

René Walling from the Montreal bid, and...René Walling from the Montreal bid, and Elspeth Kovar.
L.A.con IV (2006 Worldcon) part 45: Sunday Evening (27-Aug-2006)

Geri Sullivan, Sharon Sbarsky, and Elspeth Kovar.Sharon Sbarsky and Elspeth Kovar.
Smofcon 24 part 11: Friday (01-Dec-2006)


Cindy Scott and Elspeth Kovar.Cindy Scott and Elspeth Kovar.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 1: Friday Evening (03-Dec-2010)