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Con-Chord 17 Part 3, Saturday (03-Aug-2003)

Eloise Mason.Eloise Mason.
Torcon 3 part 6: Setup on Wednesday (27-Aug-2003)

Windycon 30 Part 10: Saturday Afternoon (08-Nov-2003)

Smofcon 21 Part 12: Friday Night (05-Dec-2003)

Smofcon 21 Part 22: Saturday (06-Dec-2003)

Tracey Callison, 'Gooch,' and Eloise Mason.Tracey Callison, 'Gooch,' and Eloise Mason.
Smofcon 21 Part 27: Sunday (07-Dec-2003)

Smofcon 21 Part 28: Sunday (07-Dec-2003)


Eloise Mason.Eloise Mason.
Capricon 26 part 3: Friday (10-Feb-2006)

Eloise Mason.Eloise Mason.
Capricon 26 part 13: Late Friday Night (11-Feb-2006)

Barry Childs-Helton in the foreground.  In...Barry Childs-Helton in the foreground. In background, Deirdre Murphy, Dave Alway, and Eloise Mason.
Capricon 26 part 14: Late Friday Night (11-Feb-2006)