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Kerri-Ellen Kelly, Eloise Beltz-Decker, Samantha...Kerri-Ellen Kelly, Eloise Beltz-Decker, Samantha Lynn. Eloise says "I'm not a writer, I'm an editor." She's a filker, and also is a member of the E.L.V.I.S. crew that ran an Internet room at Windycon. (Her blue ribbon says E.L.V.I.S. on it.) She's solicitin material and ideas for the Chicon 2000 Dealers/Events guide.
Windycon 26 Part #14: Saturday, 13-Nov-1999: Chicon 2000 Pubs Meeting


Phyllis Eisenstein, Steven H Silver, and John...Phyllis Eisenstein, Steven H Silver, and John Donat on the floor in the foreground, Brent Warren in blue in the back left, Eloise Beltz-Decker standing with a red notebook, someone sitting in the back corner, Alex Eisenstein on the corner of the bed in front, and part of someone else in red at right.
Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (15-Jul-2000) Part 6

Chicon 2000 Committee Meeting (Jul-2000) Part 7


Eloise Beltz-Decker, a Chicago fan.Eloise Beltz-Decker, a Chicago fan.
ConChord 15 (11-Aug-2001)


Eloise Mason (fka Eloise Beltz-Decker).Eloise Mason (fka Eloise Beltz-Decker).
Con-Chord 17 Part 3, Saturday (03-Aug-2003)