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Victoria Shapero, Ellen Everett and Danielle...Victoria Shapero, Ellen Everett and Danielle McCann, at the Flying J/Denny's.
Costume Camp part 1: Friday Evening (13-Apr-2012)

Isaac (obscured) at left, Ellen Everett and...Isaac (obscured) at left, Ellen Everett and Emerald Ivy teaching everyone about Resin Casting.
Costume Camp part 3: Saturday Morning/Afternoon (14-Apr-2012)

Isaac Swim in background, Ellen Everett in front,...Lisa Klassen-Barnes helping Ellen Everett with a...
Costume Camp part 4: Saturday Afternoon (14-Apr-2012)

Victoria Shapero seated foreground left, Caitlin...Victoria Shapero seated foreground left, Caitlin Doolittle teaching Pleats Workshop, Jennifer Turner and Ellen Everett background.
Costume Camp part 5: Saturday Evening (14-Apr-2012)

Ellen Everett.Ellen Everett.
Costume Camp part 6: Sunday Morning (15-Apr-2012)

Ellen Everett.Danielle McCann and Ellen Everett.
Costume Camp part 9: Sunday Afternoon/Evening (15-Apr-2012)

Ellen Everett.Ellen Everett.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 474: Coral Cafe (19-Apr-2012)


Maria Rodriguez, Ellen Everett, and Maria...Maria Rodriguez, Ellen Everett, and Maria Rodriguez.
Costume Camp 2 part 1: Friday (30-Aug-2013)

Ellen Everett, Joyce Teubner, Alec Orrock, and...Someone at fireplace, Ellen Everett in blue, Joyce...
Costume Camp 2 part 2: Friday Night (30/31-Aug-2013)

Ellen Everett, 'How to Take Photos for Cosplay.'Ellen Everett, "How to Take Photos for Cosplay."
Costume Camp 2 part 5: Saturday (31-Aug-2013)

Victoria Shapero and Ellen Everett.Victoria Shapero and Ellen Everett.
SoCal Pan Fandom Winter Formal (14-Dec-2013) Part 3