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Someone (Chas Hoff?) and Dakota Schuck (Eccentric...Someone (Chas Hoff?) and Dakota Schuck (Eccentric Shinobi) in brown hat.
Anime Los Angeles 2 Part 65 (27/28-Jan-2006)


Eccentric Shinobi with 'Gothic Lolita' doily on...Eccentric Shinobi with "Gothic Lolita" doily on his head.
Anime Los Angeles 3 part 13: Sunday (28-Jan-2007)


Dakota Schuck (Eccentric Shinobi) in the back with...Dakota Schuck (Eccentric Shinobi) in the back with the Joker face, Sonsko-chan in blue, Nicole Dinwoodie (Canada) in green during Rum Party.
Mikomicon 2008 part 8: Saturday (20-Sep-2008)

Dakota Schuck (Eccentric Shinobi) holding a...Dakota Schuck (Eccentric Shinobi) holding a Coca-Cola bottle with his tongue.
Mikomicon 2008 part 10: Sunday (21-Sep-2008)