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LASFS Part 13 (23-Dec-1999)

Steffnee Peterman on the left end of the row,...Steffnee Peterman on the left end of the row, Peggy Little sitting next to her, Scratch Galloway with plate and cane, John Blood with a can of soda, and Diana Molisani with her head down. Next row: Shaun Piron standing in a green jacket, Doug Crepeau holding a green can, Rebecca Barber massaging John's shoulders, and on the right is Scott Beckstead's leather jacket. In the very back on the couch we have Jim Terry and Sharon Volin, Edward Hooper holding a "V" for Victory over Rebecca's head, and Drew Sanders on the right behind Scott's shoulder.
LASFS Part 14 (Dec-1999)


Drew Sanders standing on the left, talking to...Drew Sanders standing on the left, talking to Peggy Little, seated. Elaine Boothroyd in black jacket with red lipstick, Lucy Stern behind her (denim jacket). Someone at the back in front of the fire exit, talking to someone else (Doug Crepeau?) in a dark suit. Sharon Volin in green t-shirt with black hair, talking to Dan Spisak (foreground). Arnold Boothroyd seated on the couch, right.
LASFS Part 19 (06-Jan-2000)

Jar-Jar the Piñata, Lucy Stern, Doug...Jar-Jar the Piñata, Lucy Stern, Doug Crepeau in t-shirt, and Mark Poliner in buttoned-up shirt; Glen and Kris are seated in the background right.
LASFS Part 56 (04-May-2000)

Doug Crepeau, Frank Waller.Doug Crepeau, Frank Waller.
LASFS Part 75 (27-Jul-2000)


Joe Zeff foreground left, Doug Crepeau standing in...Joe Zeff foreground left, Doug Crepeau standing in hat, Dave Something (Valerie's ex) in blue jacket with arms crossed, Valerie Milewski in blue v-neck shirt, Fred Louaillier in green jacket with eyes wide open, Anne Morrel in black.
LASFS Part 92 (15-Feb-2001)


Doug Crepeau.Doug Crepeau.
LASFS Part 194 (May/Jun-2003)


Phil Castora, with watch cap and blue jacket, with...Phil Castora, with watch cap and blue jacket, with Hare Hobbs in green jacket, and Doug Crepeau next to Hare Hobbs. Matthew B. Tepper on couch, unknown person, Marcia Minsky, Joe Zeff, Len Moffatt and June Moffatt. Unknown, Fuzzy Niven and Larry Niven, Maryann Canfield, and Karen Anderson. Behind Maryann is Fred Lazzelle, and everybody else is unknown.
LASFS part 273: Meeting and aftermeeting at Coral (04-Jan-2007)


Doug Crepeau.Doug Crepeau.
LASFS Meetings part 443: New Building (01-Sep-2011)