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Kurt Miller chatting with 'Davina' (Dawn Devine)...Kurt Miller chatting with "Davina" (Dawn Devine) as she gives her feet a break. Bruce Thomas with someone at the table in the background.
ConFurence 12 Part 9: Sunday (22-Apr-2001)


'Davina' (Dawn Devine) spelling out Christian's...'Davina' (Dawn Devine) with a couple of boxes on...
ConDor part 13: Saturday (26-Mar-2005)


Debbie Keais, Diane Granander (or is it the other...Dawn Devine (Davina), Nancy Hay, and James Hay.Young girl in pink, Davina (Dawn Devine), Nancy...
ConDor 13 part 9: Saturday Evening (04-Mar-2006)

Dawn Devine.Dawn Devine.
ConDor 13 part 13: Sunday (05-Mar-2006)

Davina (Dawn Devine), Fred Lazella, and Jim...Davina (Dawn Devine), Fred Lazella, and Jim Briggs.
ConDor 13 part 17: Sunday (05-Mar-2006)