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Susan Predmore, Jim Harvey, Shawna Petrie behind...Susan Predmore, Jim Harvey, Shawna Petrie behind Jim (groom's second cousin, once removed), Anne Quinn, Mollie Petrie (groom's second cousin), Solomon Martinez, Duane Quinn, David Gallaher (in back), Dot Post (groom's great aunt), Spring Schoenhuth (in back), Lois Stecker (front), Kathy Harvey (middle), Bruce Briant (standing), David Kimport, someone in back, Shawn Crosby, Barbara Kimport, Kate Morgenstern, Sean Channel, Ruth Reid, Sean Matheis (seated), Mary Q. Smith (standing), man in front, Lisa Young, Laura Vroman, woman in front.
Colleen's Picture Gallery: Sandra and Jim's Wedding Part 4 (Mar-2000)


David Gallaher.David Gallaher.
Westercon 54, Portland Part 13: Friday (06-Jul-2001)


David Gallaher.David Gallaher.
Con Jose Committee Meeting (03-Aug-2002) Part 4

David Gallaher.David Gallaher.
Loscon 29 Part 6: Thursday Evening (28-Nov-2002)

Smofcon 20: "Smof Diego" part 3 - Friday Night (06-Dec-2002)


Torcon 3 part 46: Friday late night (30-Aug-2003)

Loscon 30 Part 16: Setup on Thursday (27-Nov-2003)

David Gallaher, Spring Schoenhuth.David Gallaher, Spring Schoenhuth.
Loscon 30 Part 65: Friday Evening (28-Nov-2003)

Loscon 30 Part 150: Sunday Evening (30-Nov-2003)


David Gallaher.David Gallaher.
Baycon 2004 part 12: Sunday Afternoon (30-May-2004)


UK 2005 Trip, part 35: Thursday at Interaction (04-Aug-2005)

UK 2005 Trip, part 65: Friday Parties (05-Aug-2005)

UK 2005 Trip, part 68: Friday Parties (05-Aug-2005)

David Gallaher, Spring Schoenhuth, and Twilight.David Gallaher, Spring Schoenhuth, and Twilight.
CascadiaCon (2005 NASFiC) part 64: Monday, dead dog and homeward (05-Sep-2005)


David Gallaher and Spring Schoenhuth.David Gallaher and Spring Schoenhuth.
L.A.con IV Committee Weekend part 10: Saturday Evening (11-Mar-2006)

Spring Schoenhuth and David Gallaher.Spring Schoenhuth and David Gallaher.
Conzilla (Westercon 59 in San Diego), part 15: Sunday After Midnight (03-Jul-2006)

Conzilla (Westercon 59 in San Diego), part 20: Monday Evening (03-Jul-2006)


David Gallaher.David Gallaher.
Costume-Con 26 part 12: Saturday Morning (26-Apr-2008)

Allie & Glenn's Wedding (14-Jun-2008) Part 7


David Gallaher.David Gallaher.
Gallifrey 2009 part 20: Friday Evening (13-Feb-2009)


Sandra Childress, David Gallaher.Sandra Childress, David Gallaher.
Smofcon 28, San Jose, part 3: Friday Evening (03-Dec-2010)


David Gallaher.David Gallaher.
Renovation (2011 Worldcon) part 3: Tuesday (16-Aug-2011)


Spring Schoenhuth and David Gallaher.Spring Schoenhuth and David Gallaher.
Westercon 66 part 4: Late Thursday Night (05-Jul-2013)


David Gallaher and Crystal Huff, at the Helsinki...David Gallaher and Crystal Huff, at the Helsinki in 2017 party.
Detcon1 (2014 NASFIC) part 2: Helsinki in 2017 Party (16-Jul-2014)

Detcon1 (2014 NASFIC) part 4: Thursay Afternoon/Evening (17-Jul-2014)

Detcon1 (2014 NASFIC) part 16: Dead Dog Party (21-Jul-2014)