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Dan McCarthy at Solley's (Mar-1999).Dan McCarthy at Solley's (Mar-1999).
LASFS aftermeeting, Part 3, Solley's (Mar/Jun-1999)

Dan McCarthy.Dan McCarthy.
Loscon 26 part 24, Sunday (28-Nov-1999)


Dan McCarthy in the kitchen. Background: John...Kelly Freas and Dan McCarthy lean on their canes....
Janis and Glen's Parties Part 7 (Apr-2000)

Dan McCarthy, Eric Pobirs.Dan McCarthy, Eric Pobirs.
LASFS Part 67, Solley's (18-May-2000)


Dan McCarthy.Dan McCarthy.
LASFS Part 105 (29-Mar-2001)

LASFS Part 134, Aftermeeting Portraits (28-Jun-2001)


Dan McCarthy, Karen Stampley.Dan McCarthy, Karen Stampley.
Kris and Darrel's Wedding Part 25 (24-Apr-2004)

LASFS/Aftermeetings Part 213 (27-May-2004)


LASFS Aftermeetings Part 227 (06-Jan-2005)

Dan McCarthy.Dan McCarthy.
Glen's 50th Birthday Party (15-Oct-2005) Part 8

Dan McCarthy, Scratch and Madeline (obscured), and...John De Chancie, Karen Stampley, and Dan McCarthy.
Glen's 50th Birthday Party (15-Oct-2005) Part 10

Dan McCarthy.Dan McCarthy.
Glen's Birthday Party, Next Day (16-Oct-2005) Part 11


Paul Gibbons, Terry Brussel-Gibbons, and Dan...Paul Gibbons, Terry Brussel-Gibbons, and Dan McCarthy.
Party at Janis and Glen's House (08-Apr-2006) Part 2


Dan McCarthy and Karen Stampley.Dan McCarthy and Karen Stampley.
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 306: Coral Cafe (07-Feb-2008)