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My Little Pony collection (26-Jun-2005) Part 25


'Confetti.' Confetti liked to sit by the Waterfall..."Confetti." Confetti liked to sit by the Waterfall and design beautiful toys from colored paper and streamers. One sunny afternoon, while cutting out paper dolls, a gentle breeze blew one of the dolls into the trickling stream of the Waterfall. Confetti chased after it, but couldn't find it anywhere in the crystal waters.

Suddenly, the rainbow appeared above the Waterfall. The paper doll peeked through the colorful arch, laughing as she came to life. Gliding down the rainbow like a slide, the paper doll landed right onto Confetti's back. "Let's ride through the clouds!" the doll exclaimed. Confetti clapped her hoofs together and off they went, with the rainbow leading the way.

Confetti took her friend for magical ride through ponyland. During the ride, the paper doll combed Confetti's rainbow mane and tail into hundreds of tiny braids that looked like rows of pastel ribbons waving in the clouds.
My Little Pony backcard stories part 2: Year Three (16-Oct-2012)


Box 91. Quilting books. Quilting Around the World;...Box 91. Quilting books. Quilting Around the World;
Quilt Block Leftovers;
Quick Rotary Cutter quilts;
Creative Patchwork;
Easy does it! Quilts;
Debbie Mumm's Country Quilts for All Occasions;
Birds & Bees;
Colorful Angles: Triangles, Diamonds and Hexagons with a Contemporary Look;
A new look at Log Cabin quilts;
Scrapmania: More quick pieced scrap quilts;
A Log Cabin notebook;
Quilting for People who STILL don't have time to quilt;
The visual dance: Creating spectacular quilts;
Quilting up a storm;
101 Log Cabin blocks;
Our best sesonal quilts;
Convergence quilts;
Great America Quilts 1993;
Rodale's successful quilting library: Innovative Piecing;
Maggie Lane's Oriental Patchwork;
Rodale's successful quilting library: Sensational Sets \& Borders;
Rodale's successful quilting library: Fast \& Fun Machine Quilting;
Rodale's successful quilting library: Fantastic Finishes;
Bargello Quilts;
Contemporary Classic in Plaids & Stripes;
Mary Mashuta's Confetti Quilts;
Summertime Quilts: Fresh Designs in Chenille;
Suzanne McNeill's 50 Best Scrap Happy Fabrice Treasures;
String Quilts with Style;
Quick-Method Quilts;
New Wave Quilt Collections;
Speed-cut quilts;
Three-dimensional pieced quilts;
Quilts for All Seaons: Year-round Log Cabin Designs;
Yes you can! make stunning quilts from simple patterns. (DW)
Baden Sale part 34: Craft Books (14-May-2017)