Rev. 18-Feb-2009


'Clamato y Cerveza - Ya los mezclaste?' (Note to..."Clamato y Cerveza - Ya los mezclaste?" (Note to the Spanish-impaired: Cerveza==Beer.) We're not sure what the second part means. Maybe "Are you man enough?" The picture shows a salt-rimmed glass with red liquid on the rocks, with a wedge of lime. That's quite a serving suggestion for something (Clam and Tomato Juice) that's already a sick, twisted concoction in and of itself...
Miscellaneous Part 11 (Mar/May/Jul-2001)


'Clamato y Tequila - Prepárate uno.' I saw..."Clamato y Tequila - Prepárate uno." I saw this when I was driving around town, buying some extra diet soda. I translate the second line as "Prepare yourself." I'd seen a previous Clamato billboard last year which said "Clamato y Cerveza - Ya los mezclaste?" which I believe means "Are you man enough?"
Con Jose Part 20, Sunday (01-Sep-2002)


Clamato y Tequila. The subheading says 'Mezclalo.'...Clamato y Tequila. The subheading says "Mezclalo." I think Mezclalo means "it'll put hair on your teeth."
Miscellaneous Part 28 (Jun/Sep-2003)