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Mike Scott in green; Tom Womack in blue in the...Mike Scott in green; Tom Womack in blue in the second row, Dave Langford in a blue shirt in the front row, Roger Robinson in yellow in the second row, Chris O'Shea in a dark-colored shirt sitting in the third row, John Dallman in blue standing, Sandra Bond sitting in the second row, Simon Amos sitting next to her, and Douglas Spencer at the right in the front row (obscured).
Vincent's Picture Gallery: Plokta.Con 2: Saturday (01-Jun-2002) Part 1

Chris O'Shea, without and with glasses.Chris O'Shea, without and with glasses.
Vincent's Picture Gallery: Novacon 32 Part 3 (Nov-2002)


Eastercon 2004: Concourse (Apr-2004) Part 1


Chris O'Shea.Chris O'Shea.
UK 2005 Trip, part 120: Sunday Afternoon (07-Aug-2005)