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Dee's Funeral part 5: Reception (13-Mar-2004)

Margene Bahm, Charles Piehl.Margene Bahm, Charles Piehl.
Dee's Funeral part 14: Wake (13-Mar-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 5: Saturday Afternoon (01-May-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 6: Saturday Afternoon (01-May-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 16: Saturday Late Night (02-May-2004)

Demicon 15 Part 18: Saturday Late Night (02-May-2004)


Charles Piehl. In the background, you can see a...Charles Piehl. In the background, you can see a very rare shot of John Day (slightly obscured) in his natural environment talking to John Schlosser.
ConQuesT 36 part 2: Friday (27-May-2005)

Charles Piehl, next year's FGoH.Sheril Harper and Charles Piehl.Charles Piehl gets a backrub from Megan Harper.
ConQuesT 36 part 3: Friday (27-May-2005)

Jim Murray and Charles Piehl.Jim Murray and Charles Piehl.
ConQuesT 36 part 30: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Vincent Docherty, someone, Charles Piehl, and...Vincent Docherty, someone, Charles Piehl, and someone else at right.
ConQuesT 36 part 31: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Flip, Charles Piehl, and Jim Murray, in the...Charles Piehl and someone else.Charles Piehl and Flip.
ConQuesT 36 part 32: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Vincent Docherty, Charles Piehl, someone, and Erik...Vincent Docherty, Charles Piehl, someone, and Erik V. Olson.
ConQuesT 36 part 33: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Charles Piehl with frozen custard.Erik V. Olson at left, and Charles Piehl enjoying...Erik V. Olson, Charles Piehl, someone and Kip...
ConQuesT 36 part 34: Sunday (29-May-2005)

Charles Piehl, James Hollaman, Steve Roberts,...Charles Piehl, James Hollaman, Steve Roberts, Carol Doms, Sherri Dean (Conbarbie), Tracy Majkol and Don Mull.
ConQuesT 36 part 36: Sunday Evening, Dead Dog Party (29-May-2005)