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Chandies Williamson. Background of second picture:...Chandies Williamson. Background of second picture:...
LASFS Aftermeeting, Part 43, Solley's (30-Mar-2000)

Chandies Williamson, Shaun Piron draped over...Chaz Boston Baden, Michael Molisani, Rebecca...
Solley's part 48 (20-Apr-2000)

Michael Molisani, Rebecca Barber, Chandies...Michael Molisani, Rebecca Barber, Chandies...
Solley's part 50 (20-Apr-2000)

John Arruda strikes a pose for someone in a red...Someone in a red shirt, Chandies Williamson with...
LASFS Part 54 (04-May-2000)

Chandies Williamson, Rebecca Barber, Rosie...Chandies Williamson, Rebecca Barber, Rosie Duran-McKellip.
LASFS Part 65, Solley's (18-May-2000)


Ruben Krasnopolsky standing up, Diana Molisani,...Ruben Krasnopolsky standing up, Diana Molisani,...
LASFS Part 85, Clubhouse/Solley's (04-Jan-2001)

Allison Haft, Chandies Williamson.Allison Haft, Chandies Williamson.
LASFS Part 113, Solley's (05-Apr-2001)

Allison Haft, Chandies Williamson. Chandis asked...Allison Haft, Chandies Williamson. Chandis asked...
LASFS Part 116, Allison and Chandies (12-Apr-2001)

LASFS Part 141 (09-Aug-2001)

Mark Poliner, and Chandies Williamson at the Con...Mark Poliner, and Chandies Williamson at the Con Suite bar.
Jerry's Picture Gallery: Loscon 28 Part 48: Saturday Evening (24-Nov-2001)