Rev. 12-Sep-2013


SiliCon 2001 Part 2 (20-Oct-2001)
SiliCon 2001 (21-Oct-2001) Part 5


LASFS and Aftermeetings Part 204 (Sep-2003)
Loscon 30 Part 55: Friday Evening (28-Nov-2003)
Jonathan Olson, Janis Olson, Mickey Phoenix and...Jonathan Olson, Janis Olson, Mickey Phoenix and Carmental.
Loscon 30 Part 79: Saturday Afternoon (29-Nov-2003)
Loscon 30 Part 110: Saturday Evening (29-Nov-2003)


ConDor 11 Part 9: Sunday (29-Feb-2004)
Loscon 31, Part 3: Friday (26-Nov-2004)


Carmental and Yoda.Carmental and Yoda.
UK 2005 Trip, part 47: Friday at Interaction (05-Aug-2005)
UK 2005 Trip, part 66: Friday Parties (05-Aug-2005)
KJ the area gopher at left, Carmental lounging...KJ the area gopher at left, Carmental lounging around in background, Harry Turtledove, and Anna (obscured) at side.
UK 2005 Trip, part 121: Sunday at Interaction (07-Aug-2005)
UK 2005 Trip, part 122: Sunday at Interaction (07-Aug-2005)


Loscon 34 part 4: Friday Afternoon (23-Nov-2007)
'Squirrel Chipmunk' and Carmental. I gave..."Squirrel Chipmunk" and Carmental. I gave Carmental some "Excessively Preoccupied" ribbons to distribute.
Loscon 34 part 5: Friday Afternoon (23-Nov-2007)
Loscon 34 part 35: Saturday Evening (24-Nov-2007)


Conjecture 2010 part 2: Saturday Morning/Afternoon (02-Oct-2010)


Someone and Carmental.Someone and Carmental.
Gaslight Gathering 3 part 4: Saturday (04-May-2013)
Carmental and her tiara.Carmental and her tiara.
Gaslight Gathering 3 part 6: Saturday (04-May-2013)
Colleen, John, Abuela, Sean Thom, Carmental, Chaz...Colleen, John, Abuela, Sean Thom, Carmental, Chaz Boston Baden, Maria Rodriguez, Wil Baden, Elaine Baden, Bob Bullard, and Kevin Pere foreground right.
Chaz's Big Birthday Party (24-Aug-2013) Part 5
Carmental and Kelly Green.Carmental and Kelly Green.
Chaz's Big Birthday Party (24-Aug-2013) Part 9
'Carmental' at Costume Camp."Carmental" at Costume Camp.
Costume Camp 2 part 1: Friday (30-Aug-2013)
Carmental asks 'how does this work?' in the 'Basic...Carmental asks "how does this work?" in the "Basic Sewing Workshop."
Costume Camp 2 part 6: Saturday (31-Aug-2013)
Costume Camp 2 part 7: Saturday Night (31-Aug/01-Sep-2013)