Rev. 04-Jun-2014


Some of the items at our 'Speakeasy' party...Some of the items at our "Speakeasy" party included skewers of white peach and cantaloupe; fresh strawberries; pink lemonade, Tejava iced tea, water and ice. Not shown: skewers of persian cucumber and carrots; dry salami and cheddar cheese; and the bar with Gin and Tonics, Canadian Whisky, Sailor Jerry Rum, mixers (club soda, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Sprite, Coca-Cola), Chardonnay, Pinot Noir; and the washtub full of soda pop.
Baycon 31 part 5: Sunday (26-May-2013)


We pre-mix the tonic water and gin (cheap stuff,...We pre-mix the tonic water and gin (cheap stuff, the Beafeater bottle is just for show). The reclosable bottles of Sprite are handy for mixers - a splash of Canadian Whisky topped off with Sprite is a tasty drink to give someone who doesn't know what they want.
My Party Kit part 2: Beverages, Lights, Signs (May-2014)

Margarita decanter, rum decanter, and small square...Margarita decanter, rum decanter, and small square decanter. In background: square crystal decanter, used for Canadian Whisky. At right: rectangular metal platter with handles, and octagonal glass platter.
My Party Kit part 4: Decanters, Pitchers, Bottles, Buckets (May/Jun-2014)