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Brianna Johnson.Brianna Johnson.
Loscon 31, Part 11: Sunday (28-Nov-2004)


Brianna Johnson and Bobbi Stoudenmire.Brianna Johnson and Bobbi Stoudenmire.
Conjecture 4 part 2: Friday (07-Oct-2005)

Kevin Stoudenmire getting his badge inspected by...Con Suite crew. Bobbi Stoudenmire in blue with her...
Conjecture 4 part 13: Sunday (09-Oct-2005)


Brianna Johnson and Eris Young, at breakfast.Brianna Johnson.
Conjecture 5 part 6: Saturday Morning (30-Sep-2006)

Brianna Johnson as 'Death' from Neil Gaiman's...Brianna Johnson as 'Death' from Neil Gaiman's...
Conjecture 5 part 13: Saturday (30-Sep-2006)

Brianna Johnson and Selina Phanara.Kenny 'Spike' Dodds in an AC-DC shirt, and Brianna...
Conjecture 5 part 24: Saturday Late Night (01-Oct-2006)

Brianna Johnson with herself as a doll.Brianna Johnson with herself as a doll.
Conjecture 5 part 27: Sunday Afternoon (01-Oct-2006)

Scott, someone and someone else (Todd and...Scott, someone and someone else (Todd and Rasheed?), Brianna Johnson perched on the raiiling and Christian B. McGuire.
Conjecture 5 part 31: Sunday Afternoon (01-Oct-2006)

Someone (Omar?), someone else (Todd?) and Brianna...Someone (Omar?), someone else (Todd?) and Brianna Johnson.
Conjecture 5 part 32: Sunday Afternoon (01-Oct-2006)


Brianna Johnson.Brianna Johnson.
Loscon 34 part 39: Saturday Evening (24-Nov-2007)