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The bride's godmother, Betty Moran (obscured) gets...The bride's godmother, Betty Moran (obscured) gets a corsage pinned on by the wedding coordinator (name unknown). Ken from Vermont in background; Barbara Toohey, mother of the bride, looks on.
Cynthia and Brooks Wedding (17-Mar-2001) Part 4

The Toohey family: Brooks Kelley, Tom Toohey,...Andrew Hoover at left; Jean Sallade gives her...
Cynthia and Brooks, Part 12: Wedding Reception (17-Mar-2001)

Andrew Hoover in grey and blue, Trina Hoover, Ken...Barbara Toohey in white shirt, Mark Brown in...Douglas Toohey looking at a picture from the...Barbara Toohey in white shirt, Ken Hoeppner in the...Andrew Hoover in grey and blue at left, Trina...Ken Hoeppner in the back, Barbara Toohey in white...
Cynthia and Brooks, Part 14: Wedding Breakfast (18-Mar-2001)


Christmas 2003 Part 2: At the Tooheys (25-Dec-2003)